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Donate, Sell, Trade or Virtually Donate Your Vintage Mutes & Accessories To Us


If you have interesting old mutes, stands, instrument megaphones, or other accessories, we would really like to add them to the museum.   


This website and virtual museum is purely a labor of love, run on a shoe string budget, and we make no money at it.  So if your heart is brimming with the milk of human kindness and you would like to increase your good karma, you can donate mutes, stands, accessories.  You will  be mentioned under the news section, and receive a listing in the links as applicable.


If you prefer to sell to us, or trade for other vintage mutes, accessories, we can do that too.  We will make you an fair market offer. We have a reputation to maintain and therefore (besides the karma thing) we have plenty of motivation to treat you fairly.  Aside from the occasional insane event you may see in an eBay auction, we stay pretty current on  mute prices.

A third option is to donate good quality digital photos so your rare mute can exist in our Virtual Mute Museum.

Email us with clear digital  pictures of what you have available. Please include a ruler,  or some sort of scale reference in the pictures, so we can ascertain the size. Better yet - email dimensions too.