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Our Sponsors:

Jazztime Productions, LLC - Home of Kid Dutch™ and his bands.


Mute Makers:

Tom Crown Mutes - Tom makes high quality affordable mutes for all musicians, and has contributed content to this site.


Other Sites of Interest:

Brass Instrument  Workshop - Rich Ita is a world class repairman, specializing in repair, modification and  restoration of brass instruments.  He is also a fine gentleman.
-  Another Kid Dutch website, the
Intergalactic Brotherhood Of Heterosexual Males Who Have Absolutely No Interest In Sports On Television is there for us he-men who feel afflicted by sports on TV.

Metzler Brass - Mark Metzler of Elkhart Indiana is doing his part to preserve the history of American brass instrument innovation in the 19th & 20th centuries. Check out his website with some VERY interesting horns at


Quality Brass - Fred Cirksena is a web-based brass dealer specializing in vintage trumpets, cornets and other instruments.  He also has the very interesting Rudy Muck tribute site: - Yet one more  place from the buzzing brain of Kid Dutch,  the Society for the Preservation and Proliferation of Acoustic Music and Musicians  promotes such ideas as “Musicians, not Electricians - Talent, not Technology”, and “Yes it IS too loud and we’re NOT too old”, and  “Playing along with Sequences is like sending an iPOD to the gig”.  The website will be on line January 2008 if not sooner.